Acura ILX 2013-2023 Owner's Manual

      L Instrument Panel
      L Controls
           L Climate Control System
           L Clock
      L Features
      L Driving
      L Maintenance
           L Under the Hood
           L Wiper Blades
      L What to Do If
      L Safe Driving
           L For Safe Driving
                L Important Safety Precautions
                L Your Vehicle's Safety Features
           L Seat Belts
                L About Your Seat Belts
                     L Seat Belt Reminder
                     L Automatic Seat Belt Tensioners
                L Fastening a Seat Belt
                     L Adjusting the Shoulder Anchor
                     L Advice for Pregnant Women
                L Seat Belt Inspection
           L Airbags
                L Airbag System Components
                L Types of Airbags
                L Front Airbags (SRS)
                     L Housing Locations
                     L Operation
                     L How the Front Airbags Work
                     L Advanced Airbags
                L Side Airbags
                     L Housing Locations
                     L Operation
                     L Side Airbag Cutoff System
                     L Side Airbag Off Indicator
                L Side Curtain Airbags
                     L Housing Locations
                     L Operation
                L Airbag System Indicators
                     L SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) Indicator
                     L Passenger Airbag Off Indicator
                     L Side Airbag Off Indicator
                L Airbag Care
           L Child Safety
                L Protecting Child Passengers
                L Safety of Infants and Small Children
                     L Protecting Infants
                     L Positioning a rear-facing child seat
                     L Protecting Smaller Children
                     L Selecting a Child Seat
                     L Installing a LATCH-Compatible Child Seat
                     L Installing a Child Seat with a Lap/Shoulder Seat Belt
                     L Adding Security with a Tether
                L Safety of Larger Children
                     L Protecting Larger Children
                     L Checking Seat Belt Fit
                     L Booster Seats
                     L Protecting Larger Children-Final Checks
           L Exhaust Gas Hazard
           L Safety Labels
      L Instrument Panel
           L Indicators
           L Gauges and Multi-Information Display
                L Gauges
                L Multi-Information Display
      L Controls
           L Setting the Clock
           L Locking and Unlocking the Doors
                L Key Types and Functions
                L Low Keyless Access Remote Signal Strength
                L Locking/Unlocking the Doors from the Outside
                     L Using the Remote Transmitter
                     L Using the Keyless Access System
                     L Locking/Unlocking the Doors Using a Key
                     L Locking a Door Without Using a Key
                L Locking/Unlocking the Doors from the Inside
                     L Using the Lock Tab
                     L Unlocking Using the Inner Handle of Front Doors
                     L Using the Master Door Lock Switch
                L Childproof Door Locks
                L Auto Door Locking/Unlocking
           L Opening and Closing the Trunk
                L Precautions for Opening/Closing the Trunk
                L Using the Trunk Opener
                L Using the Remote Transmitter
                L Trunk Main Switch
                L Emergency Trunk Opener
           L Security System
                L Immobilizer System
                L Security System Alarm
           L Opening and Closing the Windows
           L Opening and Closing the Moonroof
                L ENGINE START/STOP Button
                L Turn Signals
                L Light Switches
                L Fog Lights*
                L Daytime Running Lights
                L Wipers and Washers
                L Brightness Control
                L Rear Defogger/Heated Door Mirror Button
                L Adjusting the Steering Wheel
           L Adjusting the Mirrors
                L Interior Rearview Mirror
                     L Rearview Mirror with Day and Night Positions
                     L Automatic Dimming Rearview Mirror*
                L Power Door Mirrors
           L Adjusting the Seats
                L Adjusting the Seat Positions
                L Rear Seat
                L Armrest
                L Interior Lights
                L Interior Convenience Items
           L Climate Control System
                L Using Automatic Climate Control
                L Synchronized Mode
                L Automatic Climate Control Sensors
      L Features
           L Audio System
                L About Your Audio System
                L USB Adapter Cable
                L Auxiliary Input Jack
                L Audio System Theft Protection
           L Audio System Basic Operation
                L Audio/Information Screen
                L Audio Remote Controls
                L Adjusting the Sound
                L Playing the AM/FM Radio
                L Playing the XM® Radio*
                L Playing a CD
                L Playing an iPod®
                L Playing Internet Radio
                L Playing a USB Flash Drive
                L Playing Bluetooth® Audio
                     L To Play Bluetooth® Audio Files
                     L Switching to HFL
                L Wallpaper Setup
           L Audio Error Messages*
                L CD Player
                L iPod®/USB Flash Drive
                L Pandora®
                L XM® Radio Service*
                L Recommended CDs
                L Compatible iPod®, iPhone®, and USB Flash Drives
           L Home Link ® Universal Transceiver
           L Bluetooth® Hands Free Link®
                L Using HFL
                L HFL Menus
                     L Phone Setup
                     L To Set Up a Text Message Notice Option
                     L To Create a Security PIN
                     L Automatic Transferring
                     L Caller’s ID Information
                     L To Clear the System
                     L Automatic Import of Cellular Phonebook and Call History
                     L Speed Dial
                     L Making a Call
                     L Receiving a Call
                     L Options During a Call
                     L Receiving a Text Message
                     L Displaying Messages
      L Driving
           L Before Driving
                L Driving Preparation
                     L Exterior Checks
                     L Interior Checks
                L Maximum Load Limit
           L Towing a Trailer
           L When Driving
                L Starting the Engine
                L Precautions While Driving
                L Automatic Transmission
                L Cruise Control
                L TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)
           L Braking
                L Brake System
                L ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)
                L Brake Assist System
           L Parking Your Vehicle
           L Multi-View Rear Camera
           L Refueling
                L Fuel Information
                L How to Refuel
           L Fuel Economy
           L Accessories and Modifications
                L Accessories
      L Maintenance
           L Before Performing Maintenance
                L Inspection and Maintenance
                L Safety When Performing Maintenance
                L Parts and Fluids Used in Maintenance
           L Maintenance Minder TM
           L Maintenance Under the Hood
                L Maintenance Items Under the Hood
                L Opening the Hood
                L Engine Compartment Cover
                L Recommended Engine Oil
                L Oil Check
                L Adding Engine Oil
                L Changing the Engine Oil and Oil Filter
                L Engine Coolant
                L Transmission Fluid
                L Brake/Clutch Fluid
                L Refilling Window Washer Fluid
           L Replacing Light Bulbs
                L Headlight Bulbs
                     L 35 W (D2S for high voltage discharge type)
                     L High Beam Headlight
                     L Low Beam Headlights
                     L Low Beam Headlights
                L Fog Light Bulbs*
                L Front Turn Signal Light Bulbs
                L Parking/Side Marker Light Bulbs
                L Back-Up Light Bulbs
                L Rear License Plate Light Bulb
                L High-Mount Brake Light Bulb
           L Checking and Maintaining Tires
                L Checking Tires
                L Tire and Loading Information Label
                L Tire Labeling
                L DOT Tire Quality Grading (U.S. Vehicles)
                L Wear Indicators
                L Tire Service Life
                L Tire and Wheel Replacement
                L Tire Rotation
                L Winter Tires
           L Battery
                L Checking the Battery
                L Charging the Battery
           L Remote Transmitter Care
           L Climate Control System Maintenance
           L Cleaning
                L Interior Care
                     L Cleaning Seat Belts
                     L Floor Mats
                     L Maintaining Genuine Leather*
                L Exterior Care
           L Tools
           L If a Tire Goes Flat
           L Engine Does Not Start
                L Checking the Engine
                L If the Keyless Access Remote Battery is Weak
                L Emergency Engine Stop
           L Jump Starting
           L Shift Lever Does Not Move
           L Overheating
           L Indicator, Coming On/Blinking
                L If the Low Oil Pressure Indicator Comes On
                L If the Charging System Indicator Comes On
                L If the Brake System Indicator Comes On
           L Fuses
                L Fuse Locations
                L Inspecting and Changing Fuses
           L Emergency Towing
      L Information
           L Specifications
           L Identification Numbers
                L Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
                L Engine Number and Transmission
           L Devices that Emit Radio Waves
           L Reporting Safety Defects
           L Emissions Testing
           L Warranty Coverages

Total pages: 276