Audio System Basic Operation

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To use the audio system function, the power mode must be in ACCESSORY or ON.

Use the selector knob or SETUP button to

Use the selector knob or SETUP button to access some audio functions.

Press normal and to switch between the normal and extended display for some functions.

Selector knob: Rotate left or right to scroll

Selector knob: Rotate left or right to scroll through the available choices. Press to set to set your selection. SETUP button: Press to select any mode such as the RDS Information, Sound Settings, Play Mode, Resume/Pause, or Adjust Clock. BACK button: Press to go back to the previous display.

the audio/button: Press to change the audio/ information screen brightness. The brightness can be set differently for the day time and night time. Pressing the button switches the modes between daytime and night time. Adjust the brightness using  Audio System Basic Operation .

Audio System Basic Operation

These indications are used to show how to operate the selector knob. Rotate Press  to enter. to select. Press Press the MODE,  , to enter.

Press the MODE, ,  , or  button on the ,or  button on the  or steering wheel to change any audio setting. button on the steering wheel to change any audio setting.

Setup Menu Items

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