Do not modify your vehicle or use non-Acura components that can affect its handling, stability, and reliability.

Overall vehicle performance can be affected. Always make sure all equipment is properly installed and maintained, and that it meets federal, state, province, territory, and local regulations.

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    Inflating an Under-inflated Tire
    You can use the kit to inflate a non-punctured under-inflated tire. 1. Open the trunk floor lid. 2. Remove the kit from the case. 3. Place the kit, face up, on flat ground near the flat tire, ...

    Automatic Transferring
    If you get into the vehicle while you are on the phone, the call can be automatically transferred to HFL. 1. Press the PHONE button or the button. 2. Rotate to select Phone Setup, then ...

    Brake/Clutch Fluid
    Specified fluid: Honda Heavy Duty Brake Fluid DOT 3 Use the same fluid for both the brakes and clutch. Checking the Brake Fluid The fluid level should be between the MIN and MAX marks on the side ...