Fuel Economy

Improving Fuel Economy

Fuel economy depends on several conditions, including driving conditions, your driving habits, the condition of your vehicle, and loading. Depending on these and other conditions, you may or may not achieve the rated fuel economy of this vehicle.

■Maintenance and Fuel Economy

You can optimize your fuel economy with proper maintenance of your vehicle.

Always maintain your vehicle in accordance with the messages displayed on the multi-information display.

• Use the recommended viscosity engine oil, displaying the API Certification Seal.
• Maintain the specified tire pressure.
• Do not load the vehicle with excess cargo.
• Keep your vehicle clean. A buildup of snow or mud on your vehicle’s underside adds weight and increases wind resistance.

Direct calculation is the recommended method to determine actual fuel consumed while driving.

In Canada, posted fuel economy numbers are

In Canada, posted fuel economy numbers are established following a simulated test. For more information on how this test is performed, please visit http://oee.nrcan.gc.ca/

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