LKAS Limitations

The system may not detect lane markings and the position of your vehicle properly under the following conditions.


● The vehicle interior is reflected onto the front windshield.
● Headlight lenses are dirty or the headlights are not properly adjusted.
● The windshield is fogged.
● Driving on snowy or wet roads.
● The ambient brightness suddenly changes (e.g., at the entrance or exit of a tunnel).
● You drive into the low sun (e.g., at dawn or dusk).
● A strong light is reflected onto the roadway.
● Roadway lane markers are difficult to see due to weather (rain, snow, fog, etc.) or road conditions.
● Driving on a road with temporary lane markings.
● Multiple or varied lane markings are visible on the roadway due to road repairs or old lane markings.
● Roadway objects or structures are misinterpreted as lane markers.
● There is little contrast between lane lines and the roadway surface.
● The vehicle in front of you is driving near the lane lines.
● Driving over bumps.
● Where marked lanes merge or split.
● Where the lane is extremely narrow, wide or changing.
● Where the road is hilly or the vehicle is approaching the crest of a hill.

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