Manual Operation

Rotating the light switch turns the lights

Rotating the light switch turns the lights on and off, regardless of the power mode setting.

■ High beams
Push the lever forward until you hear a click.

■ Low beams
When in high beams, pull the lever back to return to low beams.

■ Flashing the high beams
Pull the lever back, and release it.

■ Lights off
Turn the lever to OFF either when: • The shift lever is in • The parking brake is applied..
• The parking brake is applied.

To turn the lights on again, turn the lever to OFF to cancel the lights off mode. Even if you do not cancel the lights off mode, the lights come on automatically when: • The shift lever is moved out of • The parking brake is released..
• The parking brake is released.
• The vehicle starts to move.

If you leave the power mode in VEHICLE OFF (LOCK) with the lights on, a light on reminder chime will sound when you open the driver’s door.

When the lights are on, the lights on indicator in the instrument panel will be on.

If you sense that the level of the headlights is abnormal, have the vehicle inspected by a dealer.

Do not leave the lights on when the engine is off because it will cause the battery to discharge.

Your vehicle is equipped with the automatic headlight adjusting system that automatically adjusts the vertical angle of the headlights. If you find a significant change in the vertical angle of the headlights, there may be a problem with the system.

Have your vehicle checked by a dealer.

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