Playing the AM/FM Radio

■Radio Data System (RDS)

■Radio Data System (RDS)

Provides text data information related to your selected RDS capable FM station.

Press the TITLE button while listening to an RDS capable station. RDS INFO ON appears, and the station name is displayed.

■ To find an RDS station from your selected program category

1. Press the CATEGORY bar to display and

1. Press the CATEGORY bar to display and select an RDS category.
2. Use SKIP or SCAN to select an RDS station

The ST indicator appears on the display indicating stereo FM broadcasts.

Stereo reproduction in AM is not available.

Switching the Audio Mode Press the MODE button on the steering wheel.

You can store six AM stations and twelve FM stations in the preset buttons. FM1 and FM2 let you store six stations each.

A.SEL function scans and stores up to six AM stations and twelve FM stations with a strong signal in the preset buttons.

If you do not like the stations auto select has stored, you can store other frequencies in the preset buttons manually.

The display shows up to 31 characters of text data.

Press and hold the TITLE button to see additional characters. data continues. indicates that the text data continues.

The display goes back to the previous screen if you press and hold the button again.

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