Emergency Engine Stop

The ENGINE START/STOP button may be used to stop the engine due to an emergency situation even while driving. If you must stop the engine, do either of the following operations: • Press and hold the ENGINE START/STOP button for two seconds.

• Firmly press the ENGINE START/STOP button twice.

• The steering wheel will not lock. The power mode changes to VEHICLE OFF with the shift lever in ACCESSORY with the shift lever in any position other, and to ACCESSORY with the shift lever in any position other than .

• Because turning off the engine also disables the power assist the engine provides to the steering and braking systems, it will require significantly more physical effort and time to steer and slow the vehicle. Downshift gears and use both feet on the brake pedal, if necessary, to slow the vehicle and stop immediately in a safe place.


Do not press the button while driving unless it is absolutely necessary for the engine to be switched off.

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