Changing a Flat Tire

Vehicles with optional spare tire kit

If a tire goes flat while driving, grasp the steering wheel firmly, and brake gradually to reduce speed. Then, stop in a safe place. Replace the flat tire with a compact spare tire. Go to a dealer as soon as possible to have the full-size tire repaired or replaced.

1. Park the vehicle on firm, level, and non-slippery and apply the parking brake.
2. Move the shift lever to 3. Turn on the hazard warning lights and set the power mode to VEHICLE OFF.
3. Turn on the hazard warning lights and set the power mode to VEHICLE OFF (LOCK).

Periodically check the tire pressure of the compact spare. It should be set to the specified pressure.

Specified Pressure: 60 psi (420 kPa, 4.2 kgf/cm2) When driving with the compact spare tire, keep the vehicle speed under 50 mph (80 km/h). Replace with a full-size tire as soon as possible.

The compact spare tire and wheel in your vehicle are specifically for this model.

Do not use them with another vehicle.

Do not use another type of compact spare tire or wheel with your vehicle.

Do not mount tire chains on a compact spare tire.

If a chain-mounted front tire goes flat, remove one of the full-size rear tires and replace it with the compact spare tire. Remove the flat front tire and replace it with the full-size tire that was removed from the rear.

Mount the tire chains on the front tire.

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