Using the Remote Transmitter

Press the trunk release button for approximately one second to unlock and open the trunk.

Trunk Main Switch

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    Inflating an Under-inflated Tire
    You can use the kit to inflate a non-punctured under-inflated tire. 1. Open the trunk floor lid. 2. Remove the kit from the case. 3. Place the kit, face up, on flat ground near the flat tire, ...

    Wear Indicators
    The groove where the wear indicator is located is 1/16 inch (1.6 mm) shallower than elsewhere on the tire. If the tread has worn so that the indicator is exposed, replace the tire. Worn out ti ...

    Automatic Seat Belt Tensioners
    The front seats are equipped with automatic seat belt tensioners to enhance safety. The tensioners automatically tighten the front seat belts during a moderate-tosevere frontal collision, sometime ...