Precision All Wheel Steer System

Acura RLX / Acura RLX 2013-2019 Owner's Manual / Driving / When Driving / Precision All Wheel Steer System

Monitors road conditions while you are driving. In response to current driving conditions, the system automatically makes slight adjustment to the relative rear wheel toe settings to help enhance vehicle control and stability.

The Precision All Wheel Steer System cannot enhance vehicle control and stability in all driving situations.

You still need to drive and corner at speeds appropriate for the conditions and always leave a sufficient margin of safety.

The toe setting of the rear wheels may get stuck in a non-centered setting if the system malfunctions while driving. This can cause the vehicle to pull to a side even as you keep the steering wheel in the center position. If this occurs, the system automatically limits the vehicle speed to a maximum of 50 mph (80 km/h). Reduce your speed and be extra cautious, as handling may be difficult. Go to a dealer immediately.

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