To cancel

To cancel the LKAS:

To cancel the LKAS: Press the MAIN or LKAS button.

The LKAS is turned off every time you stop the engine, even if you turned it on the last time you drove the vehicle.

Pressing the MAIN button also turns ACC with LSF on and off.

■ The system operation is suspended if

■ The system operation is suspended if you:
• Set the wipers to continuous operation.
- Turning the wipers off resumes the LKAS.
• Decrease the vehicle speed to 40 mph (64 km/h) or less.
- Increasing the vehicle speed to 45 mph (72 km/h) or more resumes the LKAS.
• Depress the brake pedal.
- The LKAS resumes and starts detecting the lane lines again once you release the brake pedal.

■ The LKAS may automatically be suspended when:
• The system fails to detect lane lines.
• The steering wheel is quickly turned.
• You fail to steer the vehicle.
• The vehicle runs on a curved road over the speed limit.
• The camera temperature gets extremely high or low.

Once these conditions no longer exist, the LKAS automatically resumes.

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