To Cancel

To cancel ACC with LSF, do any of the the following:

To cancel ACC with LSF, do any of the the following: • Press the CANCEL button.
• Press the MAIN button.
- ACC with LSF indicator goes off.
• Depress the brake pedal.
- When the LSF function has stopped the vehicle, you cannot cancel ACC with LSF by depressing the brake pedal.

■ Automatic cancellation
The beeper sounds and a message appears on the multi-information display when ACC with LSF is automatically canceled. Any of these conditions may cause the ACC with LSF to automatically cancel:
• Your vehicle speed slows to 22 mph (35 km/h) or below when a detected vehicle goes out of the ACC with LSF range.
• Bad weather (rain, fog, snow, etc.)
• When the radar sensor in the front grille gets dirty.
• The vehicle ahead of you cannot be detected.
• An abnormal tire condition is detected, or the tires are skidding.
• Driving on a mountainous road, or driving off road for extended periods.
• Abrupt steering wheel movement.
• When the ABS, VSA® or CMBSTM is activated.
• When the VSA® system indicator comes on.
• When the vehicle is stopped on a very steep slope.
• When you manually apply the parking brake.
• When the detected vehicle within the ACC with LSF range is too close to your vehicle.

Resuming the prior set speed: After you have canceled ACC with LSF, you can resume the prior set speed while it is still displayed. Press the RES/+/SET/ – switch up when driving at a speed of at least 25 mph (40 km/h) or more.

Even if your vehicle speed has gone down to less than 25 mph (40 km/h), you can still resume the prior set speed when ACC with LSF detects a vehicle ahead of you.

You cannot set or resume in the following situations: • When the vehicle speed is less than 25 mph (40km/h) and there is no vehicle detected in front of your vehicle
• When the MAIN button is turned off

Even though ACC with LSF has been automatically canceled, you can still resume the prior set speed.

Wait until the condition that caused ACC with LSF to cancel improves, then press the RES/+/SET/– switch down.

The ACC with LSF automatic cancellation can be also triggered by the following causes. In these cases, the parking brake will be automatically applied.

• The driver’s seat belt is unfastened when the vehicle is stationary.
• The vehicle stops for more than 10 minutes.
• The engine is turned off.

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