Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with*

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Helps maintain a constant vehicle speed and a set following distance behind a vehicle detected ahead of yours and, if the detected vehicle comes to a stop, decelerates and stops your vehicle, without you having to keep your foot on the brake or the accelerator.



Improper use of ACC with LSF can lead to a crash.

Use ACC with LSF only when driving on expressways or freeways and in good weather conditions.


Exiting a vehicle that has been stopped while the ACC with LSF system is operating can result in the vehicle moving without operator control.

A vehicle that moves without operator control can cause a crash, resulting in serious injury or death.

Never exit a vehicle when the vehicle is stopped by ACC with LSF.

Important Safety Reminder
As with any system, there are limits to ACC with LSF.

Inappropriate use of ACC with LSF can result in a serious accident. Use the brake pedal whenever necessary, and always keep a safe distance between your vehicle and other vehicles.

The radar sensor for ACC with LSF is shared with the collision mitigation braking systemTM (CMBSTM).

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