Interior Checks

• Store or secure all items on board properly.
- Carrying too much cargo, or improperly storing it, can affect your vehicle’s handling, stability, stopping distance, and tires, and make it unsafe.
• Do not pile items higher than the seat height.
- They can block your view and may be thrown forward in the event of sudden braking.
• Do not place anything in the front seat footwells. Make sure to secure the floor mat.
- An object or unsecured floor mat can interfere with your brake and accelerator pedal operation while driving.
• If you have any animals on board, do not let them move around in the vehicle.
- They may interfere with driving and a crash could occur.
• Securely close and lock all doors and the trunk.
• Adjust your seating position properly.
- Adjust the head restraint, too.
• Adjust the mirrors and steering wheel properly for your driving.
- Adjust them while sitting in the proper driving position.

The headlight aim is set by the factory, and does not need to be adjusted. However, if you regularly carry heavy items in the trunk have the aiming readjusted at a dealer or by a qualified technician.

• Be sure items placed on the floor behind the front seats cannot roll under the seats.
- They can interfere with the driver’s ability to operate the pedals, the operation of the seats, or the operation of the sensors under the seats.
• Everyone in the vehicle must fasten their seat belt.
• Make sure that the indicators in the instrument panel come on when you start the vehicle, and go off soon after.
- Always have a dealer check the vehicle if a problem is indicated.

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