Pandora® Menu

You can operate some of the Pandora® menu items from your vehicle’s audio system. The available items are:

• Skip Forward
• Dislike
• Play/Pause
• Bookmark Track
• Station List
• Bookmark Artist
• Like
• Change Source

■ Operating a menu item

The menu items are shown in the lower half of

The menu items are shown in the lower half of the audio/information screen.

Rotate . to select an item and press .

To select Change Source, press the MENU button, then press To find out if your phone is compatible with this.

To find out if your phone is compatible with this feature, visit, or call 1-888-528-7876.

Pandora® is a personalized Internet radio service that selects music based on an artist, song, or genre a user enters, and streams what is likely to be of interest.

To use this service in your vehicle, the Pandora® app must first be installed on your phone. Visit for more information.

If you cannot operate Pandora® through the audio system, it may be streaming through Bluetooth® Audio. Make sure Pandora® mode on your audio system is selected.

You can control Pandora® using voice commands.

Available operating functions vary on software versions. Some functions may not be available on the vehicle’s audio system.

If there is a problem, you may see an error message on the audio/information screen.

There are restrictions on the number of songs you can skip or dislike in a given hour.

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