Editing Track Information

Change the track title, artist name, genre and composer. You can also delete tracks.

1. Press the MENU button.

1. Press the MENU button.
2. Rotate then press .to select Edit/Delete, then press 3. Rotate to select Tracks, then.
3. Rotatepress . to select Tracks, then press 4. Rotate to select a track you want.
4. Rotate to editto select a track you want to edit or delete, then press - The pop-up menu appears on the screen..
- The pop-up menu appears on the screen.

5. To edit track information:
Rotate press .to select Edit Name, then press .

- Enter the track name, track artist, etc.

using the interface dial or the On Demand Multi-Use DisplayTM. Move , rotate. to select OK, then press .

To delete a track: Rotate. to select Delete, then press Displaying Music Information.

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