Rear Seat Heaters*

If the power mode is in ON: The HI setting

If the power mode is in ON: The HI setting heats the seats faster than the LO setting.

There is no heater in the rear center seating position.

Press the seat heater button:

Once - The HI setting (three indicators on)
Twice - The MID setting (two indicators on)
Three times - The LO setting
Four times - The OFF setting (no indicators on)

When a comfortable temperature is reached while using the seat heaters in HI, select MID or LO to keep the seat warm.


Heat induced burns are possible when using seat heaters.

Persons with a diminished ability to sense temperature (e.g., persons with diabetes, lower-limb nerve damage, or paralysis) or with sensitive skin should not use seat heaters.

Do not use the seat heaters even in LO when the engine is off. Under such conditions, the battery may be weakened, making the engine difficult to start.

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