Accessory Power Sockets

The accessory power sockets can be used when the power mode is in ACCESSORY or ON.

■ Accessory power socket (center pocket)

■ Accessory power socket (center pocket)
Open the lid and the cover to use it.

■ Accessory power socket (console

■ Accessory power socket (console compartment)
Open the console lid and the cover to use it.


Do not insert an automotive type cigarette lighter element.

This can overheat the power socket.

The accessory power sockets are designed to supply power for 12 volt DC accessories that are rated 180 watts or less (15 amps).

To prevent battery drain, only use the power socket with the engine running.

When both sockets are being used, the combined power rating of the accessories should not exceed 180 watts (15 amps).

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