Driver’s Knee Airbag

The driver’s knee SRS airbag inflates in a moderate to severe frontal collision to help keep the driver in the proper position and to help maximize the benefit provided by the vehicles other safety features.

SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) indicates that the airbag is designed to supplement seat belts, not replace them. Seat belts are the occupant’s primary restraint system.

Do not attach accessories on or near the driver’s knee airbag. They can interfere with the proper operation of the airbag, or hurt someone if an airbag inflates.

■Housing Locations

The driver’s knee airbag is housed under the

The driver’s knee airbag is housed under the steering column for the driver.

The airbag is marked SRS AIRBAG.


When the driver’s front airbag inflates, the

When the driver’s front airbag inflates, the driver’s knee airbag also inflates.

Even if the collision is not severe enough to deploy the front airbag, the knee airbag may inflate alone.

■ When driver’s knee airbag deploys with little or no visible damage
Because the airbag system senses sudden deceleration, a strong impact to the vehicle framework or suspension might cause one or more of the airbags to deploy.

Examples include running into a curb, the edge of a hole, or other low fixed object that causes a sudden deceleration in the vehicle chassis. Since the impact is underneath the vehicle, damage may not be readily apparent.

■ When driver’s knee airbag may not deploy, even though exterior damage appears severe
Since crushable body parts absorb crash energy during an impact, the amount of visible damage does not always indicate proper airbag operation. In fact, some collisions can result in severe damage but no airbag deployment because the airbags would not have been needed or would not have provided protection even if they had deployed.

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