Fog Light Bulbs

When replacing, use the following bulbs.

Fog Light: 55 W

1. Remove the clips using a flat-tip

1. Remove the clips using a flat-tip screwdriver, and lower the under cover.


Halogen bulbs get very hot when lit. Oil, perspiration, or a scratch on the glass can cause the bulb to overheat and shatter.

The fog lights are halogen bulbs.

When replacing a bulb, handle it by its plastic case, and protect the glass from contact with your skin or hard objects. If you touch the glass, clean it with denatured alcohol and a clean cloth.

2. Remove the coupler.

2. Remove the coupler.
- It can be removed by pushing the tab.
3. Rotate the old bulb to the left to remove.
4. Insert a new bulb into the fog light assembly and turn it to the right.
5. Insert the coupler into the connector of the bulb.

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