System Setup

This command group allows you to change or customize HFL basic settings.

■ To set a four-digit passcode to lock the HFL system for security
1. Say “System Setup.”
2. Say “Security.”
3. Follow the HFL prompts and say the four-digit number of your choice.
4. Follow the HFL prompts and confirm the number.

■ To change the security passcode
1. Say “System Setup.”
2. Say “Change Passcode” after the prompts.
3. Say the new four-digit passcode after the HFL prompts.
4. Follow the HFL prompts.

■ To select a ring tone or a prompt as the incoming call notification
1. Say “System Setup.”
2. Say “Call Notification” after the prompts.
3. Say “Ring Tone” or “Prompt” after the prompts. For no audible notification, say “Off.”

Press the command. button before a command.

Once a passcode is set, you are required to enter the passcode with every new key cycle to use HFL.

If you forget the code, go to your dealer to have the passcode reset. You can also cancel the passcode by clearing all the data stored in the HFL system.

The default setting of the incoming notification is a ring tone.

■ To activate or deactivate the auto transfer function
The call on your cell phone can be automatically transferred to HFL when you get into the vehicle and turn on the ignition.

1. Say “System Setup.”
2. Say “Auto Transfer” after the prompts. HFL lets you know the current status.
3. Follow the HFL prompts to change the setting.

To clear the system
Paired phones, all stored or imported phonebook data, and any passcodes are erased.

1. Say “System Setup.”
2. Say “Clear” after the prompts.
3. Follow the HFL prompts.

Press the command. button before a command.

You can clear the system when you have forgotten the passcode and cannot access HFL.

When HFL asks you for the passcode, say “System Clear.”

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