Receiving a Call

Press the call, or the  button to hang up. button to answer the call, or the When there button to hang up. When there is an incoming call, a call notification (if activated) sounds and a message appears on the display.

Call Waiting
Press the original call on hold button and put the original call on hold to answer the incoming call.

Press the the original button again to return to the original call.

Ignore the incoming call if you do not want to answer it.

Press the hang up the button if you want to hang up the original and answer the incoming call.

Transferring a Call

You can transfer a call from HFL to your phone, or from your phone to HFL. Press the Muting a Call button and say “Transfer.”

Muting a Call

To mute or unmute your voice during a call, press and release the say “Mute.” button and say “Mute.”

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