Making a Call

You can make calls using any phone number or a name in the HFL phonebook, and redial the last number called.

■ Direct dialing a phone number
1. Say “Call” or “Dial.”
2. Say the number you want to dial after the prompts.
3. Say “Call” or “Dial” after the prompts.

■ From the HFL phonebook
1. Say “Call” or “Dial.”
2. Say the name stored in the HFL phonebook after the prompts.
3. Follow the HFL prompts.

■ To redial the last number called by HFL
Say “Redial.” ■ To end a call
Press the Press the  button and wait for a (HFL back) button.

Press the beep before button and wait for a beep before giving a command.

HFL uses a Class 2 Bluetooth, with has a maximum range of about 30 feet (10 meters).

HFL allows you to talk up to 30 minutes after you remove the key from the ignition switch. However, this may weaken the vehicle’s battery.

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