Phone Setup

■ To pair a cell phone
1. If no phone has been paired to the system before, HFL gives you information about how to pair the first phone.

If a phone has already been paired: say “Phone Setup” and “Pair” after the HFL prompts.

2. Follow the HFL prompts and put your phone in discovery or search mode.
- HFL gives you a four-digit code and begins searching for your phone.

3. When your phone finds a Bluetooth® device, select HFL from the options and enter the four-digit code.
4. Follow the HFL prompts and name the newly paired phone.

■ To rename a paired phone
1. Say “Phone Setup.”
2. Say “Edit” after the prompts.
3. Follow the HFL prompts and rename the phone.
- If there is more than one phone paired to the system, HFL will ask you which phone’s name you want to change.

■ To delete a paired phone
1. Say “Phone Setup.”
2. Say “Delete” after the prompts.
3. Follow the HFL prompts.
- HFL will ask you which phone you want to delete.

Press thefor a beep before  button and wait for a beep before giving a command.

Your Bluetooth-compatible phone must be paired to HFL before you can make and receive hands-free calls.

Phone Pairing Tips: • You cannot pair your phone while the vehicle is moving.
• Your phone must be in the discovery or search mode when pairing the phone. Refer to your phone’s manual.
• Up to six phones can be paired.
• Your phone’s battery may drain faster when it is paired to HFL.
• If your phone is not ready for pairing or not found by the system within three minutes, the system will time out and returns to idle.

■ To hear the name of all paired phones
1. Say “Phone Setup.”
2. Say “List” after the prompts.
3. HFL reads out all the paired phones’ names.

To hear which paired phone is currently linked
1. Say “Phone Setup.”
2. Say “Status” after the prompts.
3. HFL will tell you which phone is linked with the system.

■ To change the currently linked phone
1. Say “Phone Setup.”
2. Say “Next Phone” after the prompts.
3. HFL disconnects the current phone, and searches for another paired phone.
4. Once another phone is found, it is connected to the system. HFL will inform you which phone is now linked.

■ To change the pairing code setting
1. Say “Phone Setup.”
2. Say “Set Pairing Code” after the prompts.
3. If you want HFL to create a random code each time you pair a phone, say “Random.” If you want to create your own four-digit code, say “Fixed.”
4. Follow the HFL prompts.

If no other phones are found or paired when trying to switch to another phone, HFL will inform you that the original phone is linked again.

“Status” and “Next Phone” commands: Only one paired phone at a time can be linked to HFL.

When there are two or more paired phones in the vehicle, the first paired phone that the system finds is linked.

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