Audio Remote Controls

Allows you to operate the audio system while driving.

MODE Button

MODE Button
Cycles through the audio modes as follows: FM1 FM2 AM XM1 XM2 CD AUX

VOL Button
Press volume: Increases the volume
Press CH Button: Decreases the volume

CH Button
• When listening to radio
Presspreset radio station.: Selects the next preset radio station.
Press preset radio station.: Selects the previous preset radio station.

• When listening to a CD, USB flash drive or iPod®, or Bluetooth® audio
Press song.: Skips to the next song.
Press beginning of the current or previous song.: Goes back to the beginning of the current or previous song.

The CD mode appears only when a CD is loaded.

When in the AUX mode, the following are operable from the remote controls: • iPod®/USB flash drive connected to the USB adapter cable
• Bluetooth® audio (with some phones only)

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