iPod®/USB Flash Drive

If an error occurs while playing an iPod® or USB flash drive, you may see the following error messages. If you cannot clear the error message, contact a dealer.

Audio Remote Controls

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    HFL Buttons
    (HFL Talk) Button: Press to give a command or answer a call. (HFL Back) Button: Press to end a call, go back to the previous command, or cancel a command. ...

    On Demand Multi-Use DisplayTM
    Use the On Demand Multi-Use DisplayTM to operate the audio system. Icons that appear on the screen vary by the source selected. Select to go back to the previous screen. Use the icons to t ...

    How to Select an Album
    You can select albums in the category you selected by the Music Search list. 1. Select the album bar. - The image of the current album is displayed. 2. Select or  icon to search for an ...