How to Select a File from a Folder with theSelector Knob (MP3/WMA)

Acura TSX / Acura TSX 2008-2019 Owner's Manual / Features / Audio System Basic Operation / Playing a CD / How to Select a File from a Folder with theSelector Knob (MP3/WMA)

1. Press  to switch the display

1. Press to a folder list. to switch the display to a folder list.
2. Rotate 3. Press  to change the display to a to select a folder.
3. Press list of to change the display to a list of files in that folder.
4. Rotate press . to select a file, then press NOTICE.


Do not use CDs with adhesive labels. The label can cause the CD to jam in the unit.

WMA files protected by digital rights management (DRM) cannot be played.

The audio system displays UNSUPPORTED, then skips to the next file.

Text data appears on the display under the following circumstances: • When you select a new folder, file, or track.
• When you change the audio mode to CD.
• When you insert a CD.

The display shows up to 31 characters of text data.

Press and hold the TITLE button to see additional characters. data continues. indicates that the text data continues.

The display goes back to the previous screen if you press and hold the button again.

If you eject the CD but do not remove it from the slot, the system reloads the CD automatically after several seconds.

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