Wipers and Washers

■Front Wiper/Washer

The windshield wipers and washers can be

The windshield wipers and washers can be used when the ignition switch is in ON .

The wipers run at high speed until you release the lever.

■ Wiper switch (OFF, INT, LO, HI)
Change the wiper switch setting according to the amount of rain.

■ Adjusting the delay
Turn the adjustment ring to adjust the wiper delay.

■ Washer

Sprays while you pull the lever toward you.

When you release the lever, the wipers make two or three more sweeps before stopping.


Do not use the wipers when the windshield is dry.

The windshield will get scratched, or the rubber blades will get damage


In cold weather, the blades may freeze to the windshield, becoming stuck.

Operating the wipers in this condition may damage the wipers. Use the defroster to warm the windshield, then turn the wipers on.

If the vehicle speeds up while the wipers are operating intermittently, the length of the wipe interval shortens. When the vehicle starts moving, the wipers make a single sweep.

The wiper operation of the shortest delay setting ( and the LO setting become the same when the) and the LO setting become the same when the vehicle speeds up.

Turn the washers off if no washer fluid comes out.

The pump may get damaged.

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