Ignition Switch

Manual transmission models

Manual transmission models


Removing the key from the ignition switch while driving locks the steering. This can cause you to lose control of the vehicle.

Remove the key from the ignition switch only when parked.

Automatic transmission models

You cannot take the key out unless the shift lever is in All models.

All models

If you open the driver’s door when the key is in LOCK , a warning buzzer will sound or ACCESSORY to remind you to take the key out., a warning buzzer will sound to remind you to take the key out.

When this happens, the following messages appear on the multi-information display: • In LOCK • In ACCESSORY : REMOVE: REMOVE KEY.
• In ACCESSORY KEY. The buzzer will: REMOVE KEY. The buzzer will stop when you take the key out.

If the key won’t turn from LOCK ACCESSORY to ACCESSORY steering wheel left, turn the key while moving the steering wheel left and right. The steering wheel will unlock, allowing the key to turn.

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