Key Types and Functions

This vehicle comes with the following keys:

All the keys have an immobilizer system. The immobilizer system helps to protect against vehicle theft.

The keys contain precision electronics.

Adhere to the following advice to prevent damage to the electronics: • Do not leave the keys in direct sunlight, or in locations with high temperature or high humidity.
• Do not drop the keys or set heavy objects on them.
• Keep the keys away from liquids.
• Do not take the keys apart except for replacing the battery.

If the circuits in the keys are damaged, the engine may not start, and the remote transmitter may not work.

If the keys do not work properly, have them inspected by a dealer.

If the key is not fully extended, the immobilizer system may not work properly, and the engine may not start.

Avoid contact with the key whenever it extends or retracts.

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