To Play Bluetooth® Audio Files

1.Make sure that your phone is paired and

1.Make sure that your phone is paired and linked to HFL.

2. Press the AUX button.

If the phone is not recognized, another HFLcompatible phone, which is not compatible for Bluetooth® Audio, may be already linked.

To pause or resume a file

1. Press the SETUP button.

2. Rotate Resume/Pause, then press   .  to select Resume/Pause, then press Each time you press  , the  .

Each time you press setting switches between Pause and Resume. , the setting switches between Pause and Resume.

To Play Bluetooth® Audio Files

To play the audio files, you may need to operate your phone. If so, follow the phone maker's operating instructions. The pause function may not be available on some phones. If any audio device is connected to the auxiliary input jack, you may need to press the AUX button repeatedly to select the Bluetooth® Audio system. Switching to another mode pauses the music playing from your phone.

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